The oenological richness of Europe is impressive and its vineyards produce some of the most renowned wines in the world. We’ll introduce you to 6 unique experiences: you’ll visit some declared World Heritage sites and spectacular wineries that you can not miss.
The artistic beauties and heady wine tasting will really leave you amazed!

Great Wine Regions - 1


This small and sparsely populated region of northern Spain, bordering the Basque Country, is the paradise of every wine lover, which has been produced here since the time of the ancient Romans: hundreds of small villages surrounded by vineyards and dotted with bodegas invite you to get lost in the hills and discover the best wine productions. It is a land of excellent wineries, some more avant-garde, others more traditional, but all encourage travelers to know the history and process of production of Rioja wine and to make a tasting!

Great Wine Regions - 2


Explore the western region of the wine Thrace from Plovdiv. Know the history of the area, especially the up-and-coming wine scene in this eclectic region.
The wine region immediately surrounding Plovdiv is called the (western) Thracian Valley. The Thracian Valley is the largest wine region in Bulgarian in terms of a number of wineries and has a diverse collection of wineries. There are more than enough wineries in the Plovdiv region to visit making this region, in particular, a suitable area for wine tourism. We work with multiple, carefully selected vineyards and wine producers in the region. There are more than 20 boutique wineries in an 80-kilometer radius from Plovdiv. It is more than possible to visit a few wineries around Plovdiv in one day and still be back in the late afternoon. Many of the wines produced at the wineries are only available at the winery, in Bulgaria or have very limited distribution. Be sure to take some wines home with you (at attractive cellar-door prices) to share with friends and family.

Great Wine Regions - 3


Explore the enchanted world of the Therian wines. Savour a superb tasting experience under the guidance of a knowledgeable sommelier. The peculiar character of the Santorini wine comes primarily from the island’s unique volcanic ground. Among the most characteristic features of the Santorini’s microclimate are the relative lack of water and high winds along with a sometimes dense night fog offering much-needed humidity.
In Santorini, the Assyrtiko type dominates together with Athiri and Aidani. P.D.O. Santorini wines include the dry white “Nychteri” and the sweet dessert wines “Vinsanto”.

Great Wine Regions - 4


A tour to the heart of Tuscany and into the Chianti-shire, with a breathtaking background of lushing hills and countryside you will reach two historic wine estates where some of Tuscany’s best wines are produced.
In Tuscany, between the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena, there is this stunning hills region famous all around the world for its panoramas and wines, Chianti. Even though is not a big area, Chianti offers many things to see, such as medieval cities and villages, castles and parish churches. It offers also many things to do such as wine tastings and local products.
In this area, the main product to look for, is without a doubt, Vino Chianti Classico DOCG. Y
ou will know it is a Chianti Classico because since 1924 it has proudly worn the symbol “Gallo Nero” or the black rooster in a red circle.
Chianti is really full of fabulous medieval castles and fortresses, all enjoying splendid countryside locations!
Among the best Chianti castles, we recommend the Castle of Brolio in Gaiole in Chianti, where you can take a tour of the garden, the small museum, and the wine cellars; Castello di Vicchiomaggio, all surrounded by vineyards, Castello di Verrazzano, (a descendant of the family designed the famous bridge in the bay of New York); Castello di Volpaia, an enchanting hamlet where you can still feel the authentic spirit of the place or the Castello di Meleto, that dates back, in its oldest parts, to the year 1000. It belonged to the Benedictine monks and then to the Ricasoli family.

Great Wine Regions - 5


The Beaujolais region has so much to offer! Wine and festivals are of course what first comes to mind when you think of this wonderful corner of France, but it’s also a great and original destination where families, couples, walkers and food and wine enthusiasts can discover the many faces of this region. The Beaujolais region produces a surprising range of different wines, in red, but also in white and rosé. Not just Beaujolais Nouveaux as you might think!
12 other appellations, all AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) wines, including 10 crus are just crying out to be discovered by your taste buds. The Beaujolais region gets its picturesque charm from the Pierre Dorées (Golden Stones) above all else. 39 villages are built in this yellow ochre stone that reflects the sunlight and gives the buildings their wonderfully warm and luminous hues. There are some delightful walks awaiting you in Charnay, Marcy-sur-Anse, Theizé, Abresle, Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, and Oingt.

Great Wine Regions - 6


Being the first demarcated wine region in the world and having its landscape classified as UNESCO World Heritage defines this charming and unique region in the North of Portugal.
Enjoy the wines of the Douro region and enjoy a magnificent view of Régua and its terraced vineyards. Go to an organic winery to taste some of the delicious Oporto wines. Enjoy a magnificent view of the area, which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world.  You will be enchanted by the best that the Douro Valley can offer!