• The cradle of mankind
• The origin of coffee
• Home of the original ark of the covenant
• Has more UNESCO heritages than any African countries
• The only African country that has never been colonialized
• The Bird paradise country
• The first Christian country in Africa
• The first Muslim Country in Africa
• Home of world famous Athletes
• The safest country in Africa


Cultural And Religious Heritage

History of Ethiopia’s civilization can be traced back more than 3000 years For millennia Ethiopia has been a powerful and widespread empire Ethiopia has converted its ofKicial religion to Christianity in the 4th century AD. Also Judaism and Islam have played and still play important roles in Ethiopia Many monuments and treasures reKlect past glorious times for the Empire and the religions.

Christian and Muslim festivals are celebrated big and colorful in Ethiopia. Many Christian celebrations include ceremonies and processions. The most important festivals are:

– Gena, Christmas,
January 7th ,
– Timket, Epiphany,
January 19th,
– Hosanna, Palm Sunday
– Fasika, Easter
– Meskal, Finding of the
True Cross, September
– Hidar Tsion, November
– Ura Kidanemihiret,
February 23th


More than 85 peoples and tribes from Semitic, Cushitic, Nilotic and Omotic origin live together in Ethiopia. More than 80 languages are spoken, some of them by very few people. The biggest tribes are the Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Somali and Afar. The south of Ethiopia hosts a big variety of different tribes in a relatively small area


Places of Interest

The Historic North:

– Axum
– Lalibela
– Gondar
– Bahir Dar
– Lake Tana
– Mekelle
– Tigray Region
– Simien Mountains

The South:

– Omo-Valley
– Mago-Nat.Park
– Konso Region
– Local Markets
– Sidama Region
– Borena Region
– Dorze Region
– Awassa
– Omo-Nat.Park
– Surma Region

The East:

– Awash Nat. Park
– Harar
– Dire Dawa
– Danakil Depression
– Afar Markets
– Bale Nat. Park

The West:

– Kaffa Region (Coffee)
– Gambela
– Wenchi Crater
– Rainforests

Addis Ababa

This is the melting pot of 87 Ethiopian peoples and tribes and foreigners from all countries. The capital city offers Museums, Big churches, good restaurants and hotels, culture, entertainment and modern lifestyle.


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